The York Finance Club offers a variety of behavioural workshops open to all YFC members that focus on introducing and developing the skills necessary to be successful in the world of finance.


YFC technical workshops serve to provide students with an introduction to basic financial modelling and stock pitching


With extensive outreach to alumni networks, YFC offers various industry panels that provide members with information and experience from industry professionals. These panels serve as a catalyst for student - alumni interaction and work to provide insight about industry experiences and career options. 


The partnership between YFC and YUSIF has allowed for an exciting addition to our respective event portfolios - a 2017 Stock Pitch Competition. Tailored specifically for first and second year students, this competition invites Schulich students to self-organize into groups of two, and submit an equity pitch in the form of a PowerPoint document. The top 5 submissions will present in front of a panel of industry professionals with an eventual first place winner selected on the basis of analytical rigor, aesthetic appeal, and the overall risk-reward attractiveness of the potential investment.

This competition is aimed to provide students an avenue to apply their equity research and pitching skills beyond the classroom. In addition, these students will have the opportunity to experience the intensity, depth, and breadth of questions posed by investment professionals. As a result, students will ultimately be able to showcase their knowledge and passion for capital markets to professionals in the investment industry.

For our corporate partners, this competition provides the opportunity to gain priority access to top undergraduate students with a keen interest in pursuing a career within the investing industry. This access extends to include a first-hand account of students' talent within an intimate setting, which ensures that sponsors are able to showcase themselves in a personalized manner.