As the resulting entity after the merger of the York Investment Club (YIC, 2001) and the York University Finance and Industry Club (YUFIC, 1995) in 2011, the York Finance Club (YFC) has developed into one of the largest undergraduate clubs at the Schulich School of Business with over 450 annual active members. The continuing goal of the club is to bridge the gap between the academic environment and the professional finance industry. We achieve this through: 1) an integrated curriculum dedicated to equipping students with the financial acumen and enhancing interpersonal skills; and 2) the invaluable opportunity to meet and learn from highly distinguished leaders within the field of capital markets. 

The manifestation of these guiding principles is the development of parallel technical and behavioural workshop series that enable students to obtain a comprehensive overview of the finance industry, an inside look into the career of finance professionals, knowledge of key technical concepts, and significant preparation for the recruitment process. We also ensure to deepen the knowledge and understanding of a variety of topics, including Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Asset Management, and Private Equity, through leveraging our sponsors and alumni in networking events and panel discussions throughout the year.

In addition, YFC is partnered with the York University Student Investment Fund (YUSIF). Founded in 2004, YUSIF has grown into a $72 000, long-only endowment fund that is managed exclusively by students. The goal of the fund is to provide a platform for students to apply course content in the realistic context of investing, all while educating the broader undergraduate community on financial markets through an interactive market talk series.

 At its core, YFC’s incredibly dedicated executive team, extensive network of accomplished alumni, and valued corporate partners form the foundation by which the organization is able to uphold a tradition of excellence and continue to the develop the presence of the Schulich School of Business within the finance community.