The continuing goal of the club is to bridge the gap between the academic environment and the active finance industry as the liaison between students, professionals, and firms. We achieve this through:

At its core, YFC’s incredibly dedicated executive team accomplished alumni network, and valued corporate partners form the foundation by which the organization is able to uphold a tradition of excellence and continue to develop the presence of the Schulich School of Business within the finance community.


The manifestation of these guiding principles is the development of a parallel technical and behavioural workshop series that enable students to obtain a comprehensive overview of the finance industry and prepare significantly for the recruitment process. 

Investment Banking | Private Equity | Sales and Trading | Asset Management
Investment Management | Equity Research


As the largest undergraduate club at the Schulich School of Business with over 450 active members, the York Finance Club (YFC) aims to bridge the gap between the academic environment and the professional workplace. We achieve this through 1) an integrated curriculum dedicated to equipping students with financial acumen and enhancing interpersonal skills; and 2) the invaluable opportunity to meet and learn from highly distinguished leaders within the field of financial services. Alongside the York University Student Investment Fund (YUSIF), a student-managed portfolio, YFC organizes a multitude of behavioural and technical workshops supplemented with networking and guest speaker events. Over the years, YFC has also established numerous partnerships with finance and investment clubs across North America and participates in an intercollegiate community to facilitate collaboration amongst finance students from other universities. We believe that actively seeking new opportunities and initiatives allows us to provide valuable experiences for our members and better support their success. The most prestigious event hosted by YFC is the annual Undergraduate Finance Conference, which will be held at One King West on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 and features corporate-sponsored workshops, networking sessions, and keynote speakers from industry leaders. With an exceptionally high demand for our conference, all applicants must endure a rigorous selection process, through which 100 of the best and brightest delegates from across Canada are chosen to participate. Drawing upon our national partnerships to attract top talent from other universities ensures our ability to deliver maximum value to our corporate partners. YFC’s incredibly dedicated executive team and an extensive network of ambitious students form the foundation by which the organization is able to guarantee a level of quality that is sure to exceed the expectations of our corporate partners. We hope to build upon our tradition of excellence with this year’s Undergraduate Finance Conference, and further our value proposition for not only our members but also our sponsors. Within this package, you will find a summary of our signature programs, services, and events, including an outline of the variety of ways in which you can become involved. Your consideration is much appreciated and we look forward to working with you.


Melissa Botelho
Senior President
Jenny Lee
Junior President


YFC is partnered with the York University Student Investment Fund (YUSIF), which has grown into a $300,000 long-only endowment fund since 2004. Managed exclusively by students, this fund strives to provide a platform for students to apply course content in the realistic context of investing in the financial markets.

For more information, visit [ YUSIF ]

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