The York Finance Club (YFC) is the largest club and the sole organization with a focus on finance at the Schulich School of Business. With an annual membership count exceeding 400 students, YFC holds a number of events throughout the year to equip students with the soft and technical skills required in their careers, in addition to operating a student-managed investment fund. Most importantly, we act as a bridge between the students, professionals, and firms.

The York Finance Club (YFC), which was formed in 2011, is the resulting entity after the amalgamation of the York Investment Club (YIC, 2001) and the York Undergraduate Finance and Industry Club (YUFIC, 1995).

The purpose of the York Finance Club is to educate students about the finance industry and provide assistance with recruitment. We aim to train students to be well-rounded, industry-educated and career focused business professionals by hosting a myriad of events, including:

  • Undergraduate Finance Conference
  • York University Student Investment Fund (YUSIF)
  • Capital Markets Certification Program
  • YFC Speaker Series
  • Mentorship Program
  • Career Workshops
  • Technical Workshops
  • Mock Interviews
  • Networking Events
  • New York Trip
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